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How often should I clean my filter?

We recommend cleaning your filter on a regular basis. Maintaining an efficiently operating pool filter is just as important as properly balancing the chemicals.

How frequently? This depends on pool and filter size, type of filtration, and other factors. Many pool owners decide to clean their own filter, and our Pool Care packages allow them to do this. For those that prefer a set-it-and-forget-it approach, our Platinum service puts you on a regular cleaning schedule. Other options include putting you on a schedule based on your filter type and size, regardless of whether we see you once a week or once a year. As with all of our services, you'll be billed only after your filter is completely cleaned.


I take care of my own pool. Why would I need you?

The simple truth is: you might not!  One pool owner in Citrus Heights successfully maintained his pool and equipment for 18 years before running into some head-scratching chemistry issues that led to a call to The Pool Guy!

Many pool owners take a water sample to the pool store, only to find they're spending as much on chemicals as they would for professional pool care, on top of their time, fuel, and headaches.

We humbly suggest the following formula: 

1. Pull out your chemical receipts for a few months.
2. Schedule a no-obligation 11-Point Water Analysis and Quote with us.
3. Compare our all-inclusive monthly fee with your chemical costs, your fuel, and most importantly, your time.
4. We'll show you how we can save you money, time, or both. 

We're here to help.  You decide.

Whatever your decision, we respect Do-It-Yourselfers like you, and are happy to answer any question you might have, via email or over the phone.


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