"We send your our greatest thanks for fixing our pool/spa heater. It was not an easy task to do, yet you perservered in the completion of the repairs. From our experience and point of view, you have a terrific local business for anyone to call upon."
- Kim S, Roseville


"As a RealtorĀ® I Value Nathan because he offers a factual and helpful review of apool system for new homeowners. A written report is also available. Details on conversion of the system for energy savings are avialable as well. Oh, and of course, a regular servicing of your pool/spa so your pool is gorgeous every time you look at it out of your window. We are very comfortable referring Nathan to our clients and friends."
- Coleen J, Sacramento


"I have had my pool 12 years and for the first time that I have found a company that I can rely on and trust with all my pool needs. Nathan is very customer oriented and is responsive and trust worthy. A true 5 star service and I highly recommend if anyone is looking for great service and a true gentleman. Paul J. in Sacramento."
- Paul J, Silver Springs


"Our pool pump was not priming. We called the pool guy (because a neighbor had recommended him). Nathan didn't just diagnose the problem - he fixed it right away! He didn't even charge extra for the repair. The price was very reasonable. I was so pleased to have our pool up and running! Great guy and great service!"
- Tricia R, Fair Oaks


"The Pool Guy is by far the best, most consistent service I have used for my swimming pool. After using another service that basically walked into my yard, dumped chemicals into my pool and disappeared, The Pool Guy always takes the time to make sure the water is clean, clear and balanced with the proper amount and type of product. I know nothing about pools or chemicals. All I know is that the pool has never been more clear and the service I get is prompt, reliable and efficient. I highly recommend The Pool Guy."
- Jack G, Sacramento


"We had a pool service, recommended to us by our contractor, for four years. During that time, as new pool owners, we did not realize that the state in which our pool was kept did not even meet the minimum requirements of our contract. After meeting with Nathan to review our water test, we realized that not only was our water unbalanced, but that it could be doing damage to our plaster, as well as our skin. Four months after a partial pool drain and beginning service with Nathan, our pool has NEVER looked, or felt, better. There simply is no comparison. The Pool Guy! is reasonably priced, proactive and informative, thorough, prompt and extremely flexible with our crazy schedule. I would offer the highest recommendation for The Pool Guy to anyone with a pool!"
- Tamara K, Folsom


"The Pool Guy! is more than just a great name for their service. Julio, the mechanic who installed our pump was professional and quick. He put in a return visit at no cost and showed my wife how to clean the filters ourselves which might have cost them a little business, but earned my life long respect. When I have the funds to get monthly maintenance I'm definitely going with the Pool Guy!. They saved me money, time, and got my pool back from algae green to clear in under a week."
- Sam L, Elk Grove


"The service and knowledge I have received from the pool guy! has been above and beyond any of the four pool companies I have used to service my pool and spa. Having one company taking care of not only the water in my pool but also all the equipment associated with my pool has been more than helpful. I would recommend the pool guy! to anyone looking for a quality one-stop-shop for their swimming pool."
- Joe S, Folsom












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