Wintertime and Holiday Schedule

Voilá, hereʼs how it works:

Calendar Showing 5 weeks in July


Our policy is to visit your pool once a week OR as often as conditions require. This means that in the hottest months of Summer, or in “fiver” months, we may visit your pool up to five times in a month. For example, if your normal Pool Care day is Thursday, and in July there are five Thursdays, we visit five times!

Do we charge extra for these “BONUS” visits? Absolutely not! Why?
Because Pool Care is year-round, there is a natural balance that takes place. Once the leaves have fallen and filters are cleaned for the winter, regular visits can be scaled back to every other week, or 2 to 3 visits per month. This is true in January and February. In the end, we might visit your pool more or less than 48 times per year, but when you ask us to care for your swimming pool, we will do just that.

What about holidays?
The way we look at it, since algae and corrosive water doesnʼt take a holiday, neither should we. Whether itʼs the 4th of July or New Years Day, if your pool would benefit from a visit on a holiday, we will visit on that holiday. When we say weʼll take care of your pool, we mean it. And weʼre willing to sacrifice our days off to keep that promise.

Well, thatʼs nice, but Iʼd rather you not come out on a holiday.
No problem. If your weekly Pool Care visit will fall on a holiday, weʼll call to let you know that our technicians will be there. If you have plans for your pool or would simply rather not have someone come out that day, just let us know. Weʼll do our best to reschedule your visit to a different day.


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